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In acest topic se vor posta toate schimbarile produse de valve prin update pentru Counter Strike Global Offensive.

Release Notes for 1/23/2014

- Significant improvement to server infrastructure to support growing CS:GO community.

[ UI ]
- Fixed an alt-tab related memory leak.
- Added ability for Friends Lister to display two columns of friends.
- Added ability for mouse wheel to scroll Friends Lister.
- Added filtering by item name. Players can enter any part of an item name in the text field to filter their inventory.
- Added ability to sort items when selecting items that will work with a tool.
- Players can no longer initiate a vote kick on the final round or match point.
- The 'bomb has been planted alert' now also states the number of seconds that mp_c4timer is set to.
- The voice chat button in the lobby (microphone) now stores it's state from session to session.
- Fixed remaining cases where Blog would take mouse input when if was obscured.
- Fixed Main Menu bar buttons getting stuck in highlighted state.
- Context menu entries are now divided into categories.
- Open Case UI will auto-select a key in cases where players do not need to choose between different types of keys.
- Fixed cases where players could not rename items in Lobby and Pause menu inventories.
- Inventory images will show the thumbnail for a weapon's sticker.
- Buying helmet when you already have kevlar will now update the health/armor HUD icon element immediately on purchase.
- Fixed the freeze cam panel not always having the killer's weapon item data during demo playback.
- Grenades now show player ownership in their name.
- Fixed some vote panel text getting truncated.
- Fixed the health, armor and ammo HUD elements not showing up sometimes when spectating some players.
- Fixed some alignment issues on the spectator follow panel
- Fixed the weapon image in the spectator panel not having a background.
- Realigned the spectator follow panel a bit.
- The gift drop alert panel has been de-holiday-ified.
- Removed the snow from the main menu background.
- Turned off rope and freeze cam holiday effects.
- Fixed missing Cyrillic characters in chat.
- Fixed HUD disappearing when alt-tabbing or starting another app (like hlmv).

[ MAPS ]

- [Bombsite A]
-- Moved CT van to give more effective cover
-- Made CT van climbable
-- Moved fences to give more space
-- Removed red car
-- Widened door into back of A
-- Blocked visibility from bridge to canal
-- Tweaked position/rotation of truck
-- Made corridors and stairs under A wider

- [Bombsite B]
-- Moved Bombsite B to CT side of pillar, extended area with a platform to give more space and cover
-- Made players in sniping room easier to silhouette against the background
-- Made cement sacks climbable
-- Opened up wall on CT side
-- Made bridge wider

- [General]
-- Moved up CT spawns and pushed T spawns further back
-- Increased C4 radius to 500 from 400
-- Railings in sniper room no longer blocks bullets or grenades
-- Added light to sniper room balcony
-- Made upper door in park connector wider
-- Made park connector easier to navigate
-- Made corridor near T spawn wider
-- Brighter ambient lights in canal pipes
-- Made climbing thing in playground more solid
-- Made bathroom corridor wider
-- Made windows in bathrooms breakable
-- Added spectator fixed camera positions
-- Tweaked soundscape settings
-- Fixed various minor bugs

- Added collision to top of trees
- Added more accurate model collision
- Removed particle effects that could be mistaken for grenades
- Blocked a sightline in battlements near A
- Blocked a hiding hole in underpass near A
- Removed light models near statue at B that could be mistaken for player heads
- Removed a portapotty at back of B
- Raised height of center fence near B
- Fixed various minor bugs

Re: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update Released

Release Notes for 2/5/2014

- Added Sticker Capsules. Each capsule contains one sticker out of a series of sticker designs.
- Sticker Capsules can be received as drops at the end of matches, and are opened using a Sticker Capsule Key.
- A sticker can be applied to any gun, and each gun can hold multiple stickers.

[ MISC ]
- Several adjustments to improve performance for a range of hardware configurations.
- Ended Operation Bravo.
- Overpass and Cobblestone maps are now available to everyone.
- Removed the following items from the store:
-- Season's Gifts. They are still marketable on the Community Marketplace and remain fully functional.
-- Operation Bravo Passes. They are still marketable on the Community Marketplace and can be redeemed for an Operation Bravo Coin.
- Doing an ent_create now orients the created entity opposite the player's orientation so it's facing the player.
- Added a new material type called 'Lightmapped_4WayBlend' that can be used on displacements. Documentation can be found here: ... _4WayBlend
- Added more diagnostic information for buffer overflows in network channel.

[ UI ]
- Removed rouge [sic] pixel on mode map selection UI.
- Added player teammate colors in Competitive Mode that displays a unique color per teammate in the radar, playercount panel, scoreboard and the arrow over their head (can be toggled offline with cl_cmm_showteamplayercolors).
- Reduced translucency of avatars in playercount panel and did some minor visual updates.
- Enemies icons on radar are now a different shape than teammates.
- Hostages on radar now have an H in the dot and never rotate.
- Added sort method 'Equipped' to the Inventory.
- Added a setting to Game Options that allows hiding Team Tags in death notices.
- Team tags now scale to fit in the scoreboard and no longer overlap ping or get get cut off.
- Fixed an issue where sometimes no live games could be found in the Watch panel for the first minute after game launch.

- All grenades now have a secondary fire that throws an underhand grenade a short distance in front of the player.
-- Secondary fire can be combined with primary fire to precisely adjust the strength of the throw.

- Weapon balance has been adjusted:
-- Improved Desert Eagle accuracy recovery
-- Improved Sg553 and AUG rates of fire.
-- Improved Sg553 and AUG scoped control ( reduced inaccuracy and recoil ).
-- Increased movement inaccuracy on all automatic weapons by 50%.
-- Movement inaccuracy when walking is now calculated differently, resulting in better walking accuracy across the board.
- sv_airaccelerate has been slightly increased.

[ MAPS ]
- Mirage
-- Fixed a bug where you could peek over a crate at CT stairs.
-- Added a peek position in Bombsite A connector, towards Palace exit.
-- Clipped benches inside palace.
-- Fixed some boost/exploit spots (Thanks F3RO!).
-- Breakable metal panels can no longer be shot through without triggering break effect.
-- Made it easier to get into hole leading to CT sniper window.
-- Made it easier to move over cart leading to B route from CT spawn.
-- Reworked cover in Bombsite A.
-- Reworked cover in Bombsite B.

- Overpass
-- Changed cover in playground.
-- Fixed smoke sorting on water.
-- Made players easier to see in park connector stairs.
-- Raised upper park divider to prevent peeking over it.
-- Increased ambient lighting.
-- Made bridge near Bombsite B twice as wide.
-- Made it easier to spot players in T side of canal.
-- Simplified the layout of Bombsite B slightly.
-- Removed small tree at CT side of upper park.
-- Blocked visibility through truck in Bombsite A.
-- Tweaked soundscape.
-- General optimizations.

- Inferno
-- Fixed a bug where players could get stuck in ceilingfans.
-- Fixed some areas where thrown C4 could get stuck.
-- Increased brightness slightly in hallway leading to balcony in Bombsite A.
-- Fixed gaps that players could see through in Bombsite B.
-- Made wall penetration in construction more consistent (Thanks Pawlesslol!).
-- Nerfed the refire rate on the churchbells (changed from infinite dings per second to 1 ding per second).
-- General optimizations.

- Dust 2
-- Removed dark texture near tunnel stairs.
-- Removed sky collision over building near T spawn.
-- Covered up shadow that looked like a player near CT spawn.
-- Fixed invisible ledges on curved corners.

- Assault
-- Fixed various graphical bugs.
-- Fixed bugs related to prop_physics_multiplayer.
-- Added a CT van to CT spawn.
-- Fixed an exploit where players could get out of the map.

Re: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update Released

Release Notes for 2/12/2014

[ CZ75-Auto]
- Added the CZ75-Auto as a new stock pistol that is a loadout alternative to the P250. Its stats are identical to the P250's with the exception of being fully automatic and having only two magazines.

[ CS:GO Weapon Case #3 ]
- Introducing the CS:GO Weapon Case #3, comprised entirely of pistol finishes, including finishes for the new CZ75-Auto.

- Weapon adjustments based on data collected:
-- Increased Aug recoil
-- Reduced Aug rate of fire
-- Reduced Aug and Sg553 scoped run speeds
-- Increased Desert Eagle accuracy recovery by 2.5%
- Improved scope visuals for Aug and Sg553.
- Aug now has a new firing sound.
- Pressing the walk key while running now properly decelerates your speed to walking instead of instantly capping it.
- Fixed regression that broke environment fog not being reduced when zoomed with a scoped weapon.

[ UI ]
- Added text filter to loadout.
- Added peel animation when player cycles position.
- Fixed enemies on the square radar not rotating to match their view.
- Fixed teammate colors sometimes shuffling on some panels when a player disconnected in Competitive Mode.
- Crosshair style 2 (Classic) has been changed to accurately show weapon accuracy.
- Added some ConVars to be used with crosshairstyle 2 (Classic) to allow users to further customize how they want it to display. (cl_crosshair_dynamic_splitdist, cl_crosshair_dynamic_splitalpha_innermod, cl_crosshair_dynamic_splitalpha_outermod, cl_crosshair_dynamic_maxdist_splitratio)

[ MAPS ]
- Overpass
-- Improved visibility.
-- Removed small cover on CT side of Bombsite B.
-- Drastically reduced the number of trashcans.
-- Widened tunnel near T spawn.
-- Widened lower door in park connector.
-- Widened corridor near CT sniper room.

[ MISC ]
- Fixes to improve game stability during startup.
- Added diagnostic info to debug video config reset.
- Fixed dedicated server to write steam_appid.txt
- Fixed several game server memory leaks.
- Fixed a bug causing certain workshop maps to re-download every time the game is launched.

Re: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update Released

Release Notes for 2/27/2014

- Fixed the molotov not having the same collision bounds as the rest of the grenades.
- Fixed some grenades allowing radar visibility when they shouldn't and vice versa - this fixes bugs like players showing up on radar through smoke volumes when they shouldn't.
- Increased radarvispow from 0.2 to 0.4.
- Fixed icons on the radar not fading out properly when they should have.

- Fixed frequent connection errors when starting private casual matches with friends on a local server.
- With sv_grenade_trajectory on, the debug overlay boxes now reflect the size of the grenades bounds when they collide and bounce.
- Added an option to the options menu to use raw number keys or weapon binds for selecting players when spectating and voting for maps at round end (spec_usenumberkeys_nobinds, defaults to 1).

- GOTV watch requests for matches with significant number of spectators will always get directed to GOTV relays.
- Added convar host_name_store to indicate whether host name is revealed in queries and GOTV. Host name is always printed in status command output.
- Added convar host_info_show, operators can set it to the following values: 0 to block server info queries; 1 (default) to respond with all details excluding identities; 2 to respond with all available details.
- Added convar host_players_show, operators can set it to the following values: 0 to block server players queries; 1 (default) to respond only with max players and uptime; 2 to respond with all players details.
- Server operators can now list game rules cvars in gamerulescvars.txt file, those cvars when marked as FCVAR_NOTIFY will be included in A2S_RULES response packet to server management software and 3rd party clients. The total size of A2S_RULES response packet must be within approximately 1Kb (MTU). File gamerulescvars.txt.example is provided.
- When a server is running with the -nomaster parameter, it will not register on GMS and will not respond to direct queries.

- CS_Downtown: Fixed bug where players could spawn outside of map in Deathmatch
- DE_Favela: Fixed exploits where players could get out of map, various other polish
- DE_Inferno: Fixed exploit where players could see through roof near Bombsite A balcony

Re: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update Released

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update Released
Community Announcements - CS:GO Official
Release Notes for 3/6/2014

[EMS One Katowice 2014]
- Added EMS One Katowice 2014 CS:GO Championship Sticker Capsules:
- Each capsule contains a single EMS One Katowice 2014 participant sticker. A portion of each capsule's proceeds is shared equally among the included organizations.

- Fixed a bug where the sticker peel animaton played when opening the apply sticker panel.
- Centered the names of stickers.
- Demo highlights now show a "Fast forwarding to next highlight..." message while fast forwarding.
- Demo highlights now include bomb plant and bomb defuse.
- Fixed dsp canceling and a few other exploits.
- Added competitive match scores to in-game friends list status display.
- Added rich presence display in friends game details in Steam Overlay.
- Fixed a hitch on stattrak kills for players with large inventories.


- Mirage:
-- Made it easier to peek short from B apartments
-- Made cover at back of B bangable
-- Horizontal metal bars on catwalk no longer block bullets or grenades
-- Made corner to the right on Bombsite A scaffolding bangable

- Overpass:
-- Added more cover in Bombsite A
-- Widened gate at back of Bombsite A
-- Blocked fence completely at back of Bombsite A
-- Color coded tunnels under A
-- Removed dropdown into water near bombsite B
-- Made cement bags around bombsite B easier to climb
-- Added cover near construction
-- New connector between upper park and bathrooms
-- Widened tunnel near T spawn
-- General polish and optimization

- Dust2:
-- Fixed tiny gaps between boxes in Bombsite A
-- Fixed killer box in Bombsite B

Re: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update Released

A new update has just been released by Valve, touching on various subjects such as redesigned scoreboard, grenade dropping rules, as well as the addition of South African matchmaking servers.

The 125 MB update has most notably brought us a gameplay change in the form of dropping grenades on death. Now you only drop the last selected grenade or if you have selected none during the round, only the most expensive one gets dropped.

Scoreboard design has also been tweaked, which includes the ability to click through it after right-clicking while holding down the scoreboard button. Apart from that there were trial matchmaking servers started in South Africa.

Small yet important tweaks for de_dust2 and de_inferno and the whole update log can be seen below:

Release notes for 3/27/2014


- Scoreboard changes:
-- Added ability to use mouse cursor in scoreboard.
-- Cursor will be enabled on the scoreboard by default in halftime and endmatch.
-- When alive or spectating, if the scoreboard is visible, the cursor can be enabled by using secondary fire.
-- Players in scoreboards have left click context menus that allow you to commend, report, block communcation, etc.
-- Scoreboard will adjust to the size of the number of players in the match. Max is still 24 players.
-- Combined clan tag and name tag into one field.
- Fixed the CZ-75A icon not showing overhead during freetime.
- Added Commonwealth of Independent States flag, uses alpha 2 code "CC".
- Fixing aspect ratio of a few flags.
- On community servers after mp_swapteams or vote to swap teams the game will also swap team names and flags.


- Adjusted the rules for dropping a grenade upon death: you now drop your most recently selected grenade. If you never selected a grenade, you will drop the most expensive one.
- Improved player hitbox alignment.
- Players shot in the head from the side will play a new left or right headshot flinch animation, instead of forward or backward.
- Defuse kit art has been adjusted to make them more visible.


- Reduced client virtual memory usage.
- Fixed an out of memory crash that could occur while downloading workshop maps.
- Fixed a hitch related to inventory icon loading.
- Players that fail to properly validate with VAC will no longer get the generic "Invalid STEAM UserID Ticket" message and instead see "An issue with your computer is blocking the VAC system. You cannot play on secure servers."
- Started a trial of official competitive matchmaking on servers in South Africa.


- Overpass:
-- Added connector from T water to T tunnels
-- Opened up small concrete hut near Bombsite A
-- Made wood stack near door to A tunnels climbable
-- Made it possible to shoot through wood wall near Bombsite B
-- Made area near fountain in park slightly larger
-- Tweaked environment light
- Dust2:
-- Removed some small gaps between crates in Bombsite B
- Inferno:
-- Added wallbanging on low wall near barbecue (Thanks Spunj!)
-- Revised clipping on balcony near mid

Sursa :

Re: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update Released

Release Notes for 5/1/2014

- Added the Huntsman Case.
- Added the Bank Collection to the drop list.
- Added Community Sticker Capsule One.

- The bomb inventory icon in the UI now shows an arrow when you pick it up in a addition to the sound and center screen message.
- Fixed some relative positioning of elements to the radar to work consistently with hud scaling and resolution.
- Players now have the option to adjust HUD elements. This includes:
-- Place the Player Count element at the top of the screen or bottom (cl_hud_playercount_pos).
-- Show all avatars in the Player Count element or just the player count number (cl_hud_playercount_showcount).
-- Size the Radar element (cl_hud_radar_scale).
-- Choose a color to display the main parts of the HUD (health, ammo, money, etc) (cl_hud_color).
-- Adjust the HUD background alpha for the colored elements. (cl_hud_background_alpha).
-- Select to show the bomb position under the radar or in the default inventory position (cl_hud_bomb_under_radar).
-- Display the health and ammo with or without bars/bullets (cl_hud_healthammo_style).
- Updated the look of the options menu.
- Removed the pop-up confirmation dialogue in the video options menu with tooltips.
- Added some tooltips to various options menu widgets.
- Dropdown panels now don't go away and reappear when you click on them.
- Drop panels will now hide if you click on the header when they are open.
- The health number in the health panel now supports displaying numbers greater than 100.
- Fixed the health bar not scaling properly with health greater than 100.
- When a player opens a sticker capsule on the game server it will now correctly print in chat the rarity and actual sticker found.

- UPS, M4A1-S, & CZ75a are now available in Community Arms Race and Demolition games. To use them, add them to your server's gamemodes config file.
- Increased default downloadable file size from servers to 150MB, added client launch option -maxdownloadfilesizemb N if clients needs to download even larger files from community servers.
- Added a convar weapon_reticle_knife_show, when enabled will show knife reticle on clients to be used for game modes requiring target id display when holding a knife.

- Starting the game with a different anti-virus or in different paged pool memory configuration will no longer reset all video settings.
- Fixed matchframework shutdown order during dedicated server shutdown process.

- Seaside
-- Added bomb teleport trigger, to prevent bomb getting stuck in water

- Overpass
-- Removed one-way dropdown near entrance to bombsite B, making the site easier to defend
-- Reduced volume of environment sounds
-- Removed ramp at back of truck in Bombsite A
-- Updated radar
-- Added cover in T side of canal
-- Made upper park divider wider
-- Improved visibility in park

- Inferno
-- More accurate collision model on blue truck

Re: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update Released

Valve has released a minor update for CS:GO which fixes a number of bugs in the game.

After last week's update, which introduced the Huntsman case and new HUD customization options, Valve spent the last few days fixing some small bugs, most of which are HUD-related issues that were created by May 1st's patch.

Below you can find the complete change log:

Release Notes for 5/7/2014


Fixed buytime ending as soon as all players join in QMM.
Increased warmuptime when all players are connected from 30 sec to 60 sec


Fixed the default radar scale and money position settings overlapping with the spectator UI in the most common resolutions.
Dropdown panels now support more than 20 options.
Fixed inventory grenades icons drawing black.
Fixed the bottom position player counter being a bit too low and cut off.
Fixed hud alert flickering.
Fixed Deathmatch Bonus Panel overlapping excessively with radar in extreme cases.
Optimized some hud options code which improves performance.
Money position relative to radar now considers safezone.
Fixed HUD background alpha not saving if you set cl_hud_background_alpha to 0.


Added concommand 'rangefinder' for map makers (provides 2d and 3d distance to target).
In Demolition games, the last weapon can be any weapon and trigger the end of round logic if enabled.


Added Effective range and rangefinder functionality to cl_weapon_debug_print_accuracy convar.
Fixed bad hostage icon positioning in some cases.
In DeathMatch it now says the right name for all guns.
In Demolition games, the next weapon panels now work for all guns.
Optimized backend performance when when accessing CS:GO inventory on Steam Community.

Re: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update Released

Release Notes for 5/28/2014
28 MAY 2014 -

- Cobblestone
– Blocked long sightline from back of Bombsite B
– No longer possible to plant on top of hut at bombsite A
– Made statue base at bombsite B taller, so players can’t peek over
– Made hut on bombsite B catwalk wider
– Moved all T spawns to upper level
– Decreased fog
– Removed small tree near platform in mid
– Pushed down some vegetation that players could hide in
– Disabled collision on small rocks
– Blocked visibility through cart in mid
– Revised cover in Bombsite B courtyard
- Overpass
– Redesigned the connector between canal and park
– Made tunnels under Bombsite A easier to navigate
– Added lights to hut near Bombsite A
- Matches in which a whole team gets disconnected will no longer terminate and the disconnected players will get the opportunity to reconnect and finish the match.
- Added a new context menu option ‘Use With Trade Up Contract,’ which will be visible when you own ten or more items of the same quality.
- Weapons can no longer be deleted from the inventory.
- Added a game setting for streamers to allow backend integration with new directory.
- Added backend integration with Steam Community for better inventory filtering and Steam Community Market search.
- Added support for per-channel ratelimits in engine threaded network layer, ratelimits are controlled with a group of net_threaded_socket convars.
- Fixed pistol round achievements to award player progress in the pistol round of the second half in competitive matches.
- Fixed several rare crashes on clients and servers.
- Fixed a problem in tournament round backups when players had invalid characters in their persona names.

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